RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — South Barton Heights neighbors are urging the city to make traffic changes after a woman’s porch was hit for the third time.

Marilyn Joyner has lived in her home for over two decades and during that time frame, her front porch has been hit by reckless drivers multiple times, leaving extensive damage. The first time the home was hit was 20 years ago. On New Year’s Eve, 2022, it was hit for the second time and the driver was charged with a hit-and-run felony and reckless driving. Just as she received a permit to rebuild, her home was hit again Sunday morning, Sept. 11.

“It really has been emotionally affecting me and right now and I’m really tired,” Joyner said.

Now, other residents are sharing Joyner’s concerns and worrying about the safety of nearby residents.

“There are two young children, a baby and a younger child next to me,” Joyner said. “They can’t play in their yard, play with their pets in the yard, or enjoy the community.”

The Department of Works told 8News in January that they have installed regulatory signs, warning signs and pavement markings along Monteiro Street. This includes several chevron signs in both directions in the area of 1603 Monteiro Street, speed limit signs, centerline pavement markings and curve warning signs in both directions for the curve on Monteiro Street at Poe Street.

However, because Monteiro Street becomes North 1st Street to the south, it is classified as an “urban collector,” carrying around 3500 vehicles a day. North 1st Street is a key street for crossing Interstate 95 and a strategic route for emergency vehicles. For this reason, speed tables and speed bumps are not planned to be installed anytime soon.

Christopher Rashad, a nearby neighbor, said after seeing his neighbors’ damage and being impacted himself, more needs to be done before someone gets hurt.

“It seems like there’s some apathy around this situation because it’s been going on for several years now,” Rashad said. “Signage is no good when we see that it’s not working. So, [there] has to be a plan in place because I know ultimately somebody is going to get hurt or killed.”

Richmond’s 6th District Councilwoman Ellen Robertson says, she spoke with residents and heard their concerns. They say speeding is an issue throughout the city of Richmond and they are working to curb the issue.