RICHMOND, VA (WRIC) – 8News has learned from Richmond officials that letters from the Richmond False Alarm Reduction Program are not a scam and city residents should take note of the information. According to Karen Gill, Richmond Department of Emergency Communications, information about the program was not shared widely because the person in charge of the program was on leave and other people with knowledge of the program were in a training session last week.  

The letters notify residents about the City of Richmond Alarm Ordinance requiring owners to register their alarm system. Residents are asked to complete a registration form and send money or a check to a P.O. box located in Baltimore, Maryland. The program asks people to pay a fee and provide an emergency contact.

After learning about these letters from a citizen last week, 8News contacted the police department, the mayor’s office, a member of city council and the fire marshal when investigating the letters. No one that we spoke with had knowledge of the program or the letters.

At the time, Richmond Fire Marshal Earl Dyer called the program a “possible scam,” noting that a program like this would directly involve the fire department and he’s not familiar with any related program even in the state of Virginia.

Councilman Michael Jones, who represents the 9th district on Richmond’s City Council, recommended that residents call the City of Richmond if they receive one of these letters in the mail.

We reported this “possible scam” warning on Nov. 10.