RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Superintendent Jason Kamras proposed adding metal detectors to middle schools to school board members during a work session Monday evening. Kamras’s proposal would allocate $1.3 million to install at least two metal detectors in each middle school, handheld wands and additional Care and Safety Associates.

“I am cognizant that every dollar we spend on security is a dollar that we don’t spend on mental health and instruction and all of our other core work,” Kamras said. “At the same time, my number one responsibility is, and I believe you all agree this body’s number one responsibility is to keep our students safe and to do everything we possibly can to that.”

Other school board members believe there are better ways to increase school safety measures than adding metal detectors.

“We need community engagement to help us address this, not more ways of treating our children like criminals when they enter our building. So, I very vehemently oppose this move for those reasons,” said Stephanie Rizzi, school board member for the 5th district.

There are currently six Richmond High Schools that have metal detectors already in place.

The board did not vote on the proposal during Monday night’s meeting. However, Kamras said the board would reconvene on the subject with a more precise proposal.

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