RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — If two is company, then three’s a crowd! Richmond’s live Peregrine Falcon Cam is showing the pair of famous birds now have three eggs in their (no longer empty) nest.

Located on the 21st floor of the downtown Riverfront Plaza’s western tower, the Richmond falcon nest is home to one male, called “59/BM”, and one female, dubbed “95/AK” who laid their first egg March 21. The third egg was laid on the morning of Sunday, March 27.

According to The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR), the Peregrine falcon is a threatened species in Virginia, and is considered to have an “extremely high risk of extinction/extirpation due to low population levels, immediate threat, or have a limited range”

The DWR said that the Richmond falcons were one of just 32 total Peregrine falcon pairs in Virginia in 2020. The breed is monogamous and will continue mating at a site with the same partner until the bird dies or moves away. This same pair of falcons have nested together in the Richmond tower nest for 2 years now.

Eggs are usually laid in intervals of 48-72 hours, and according to DWR, “Peregrine falcons can lay clutches of up to 5 eggs, but in Virginia they most commonly lay 4 eggs.” So we can look forward to the possibility of a few more eggs this mating season. DWR estimates if another egg is going to be laid, it could happen anytime until the end of Wednesday, March 30.

DWR said that the third egg is located behind the lip of the nest box and can be hard to see at times.

The Richmond Falcon Cam can be seen live at any point of the day, by visiting the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources online.