RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Police Department declared an unlawful assembly on Saturday night after continued unrest in the city.

The planned protest, called Richmond Stands with Portland, started with a peaceful march throughout the city, starting at Monroe Park. As the night progressed things turned violent at Richmond Police Headquarters.

At 11:06 p.m., Richmond Police tweeted “please disperse or face arrest” when addressing protesters at the RPD HQ.

Virginia State Police assisted Richmond Police during the protest and VSP posted a livestream of the incidents.

A dump truck was set on fire outside of RPD HQ as officers tried to secure the area before firefighters could respond.

Tear gas was deployed around 11:10 p.m. after the unlawful assembly was declared and protesters began to disperse.

Sunday morning the VSP wrote on Facebook that protesters did not leave after being told the assembly had been declared unlawful. They also the group was armed with shields and threw fireworks and chunks of asphalt at officers.

VSP said rioters retreated and dispersed about 15 minutes later once officers deployed “chemical irritants.”

The RPD arrested six people linked to last night’s riot. Four of the people arrested were from Richmond and the other two rioters were from outside the city.

  • James Kelley, 29, Richmond – Unlawful Assembly
  • Justin Killough, 26, Richmond – Unlawful Assembly
  • Stephen Loughman, 29, Richmond – Unlawful Assembly – Rioting with a Firearm
  • Wendell Lundy, 36, Hampton – Unlawful Assembly
  • Alton Rittenour, 26, Richmond – Unlawful Assembly
  • Justin Thompson, 28, Hopewell – Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, Rioting
(Left to right) Justin Killough, 26, Richmond; Stephen Loughman, 29, Richmond; Wendell Lundy, 36, Hampton; Justin Thompson, 28, Hopewell (Photo: Richmond Police Department)