RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond City Councilmember Stephanie Lynch confirmed with 8News that she crashed her car on Monday night. Richmond Police said that they are investigating the incident.

Lynch said her home’s furnace was out and she was driving to a neighbor’s to borrow a heater. After picking it up, she tried to plug in her phone while driving and became distracted.

She said this caused her to hit a parked car on 30th Street in Woodland Heights at around 10 p.m. Lynch said she had been driving about 25 miles per hour.

After hitting the parked car, Lynch said she drove home.

She said she first alerted police to the crash at around 9 a.m. on Tuesday, about 12 hours after it happened. When she later inquired whether a police report had been filed, she said police told her they hadn’t made one. Now Lynch wonders why one wasn’t filed.

A spokesperson for the Richmond Police Department disputed the councilwoman’s claim, stating a report was taken following the crash.

Lynch said she felt bad about the situation and left a sticky note at the house that the car was parked immediately in front of.

8News asked Lynch whether she had been drinking prior to the nighttime crash and she said no. However, she did say she has not been sleeping well recently.

Lynch said she did not have any major injuries after the crash.