RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Richmond Police Department is investigating a hit-and-run incident that occurred near Carytown earlier last month.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Nansemond Street and Ellwood Avenue around 8:45 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 13.

According to police, the victim was driving southbound on Nansemond Street and had slowed to a stop for pedestrians to cross. The suspect vehicle was headed northbound through the intersection and attempted to make a left turn onto Ellwood Avenue when it hit and damaged the side of the victim’s vehicle.

Noel King, a local Richmond resident, said both drivers and pedestrians should be aware of what’s going on around them.

“When I’m walking, I think, oh, that car should pay attention. But I’m kind of the same way when I get in the car,” King said. “It’s kind of hard, because when you have the walk sign here, these people also have the green light, so sometimes they’re not really watching for people walking across the road.”

Police said the rear bumper was torn off of the victim’s car as a result. There were no reported injuries from the incident.

The suspect vehicle is described as a silver sedan with damage to the front left and left side of the vehicle.

So far there have been 2,705 reported hit-and-runs in the city this year. At this point last year there had been 2,898.

Investigators with the Richmond Police Department have released video captured from the victim’s front and rear dash cams in an effort to identify the suspect vehicle:

Anyone with information related to this incident is encouraged to contact Hit and Run Investigator G. Drago at 804-646-1369.

8News reporter Rolynn Wilson contributed to this article.