RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — At a school board meeting on Monday, Oct. 3, Richmond Public Schools passed a motion to form two task forces in January of 2023 that consist of teachers and subject specialists. These two groups will evaluate the curriculum for kindergarten through eighth grade, and the school board will then make changes based on the findings.

Nearly 1,000 teachers weighed in on Richmond Public Schools’ K-8 math, science and reading curriculum from Sept. 12-26 for a survey conducted by the school district. The survey asked about the programs used by the division to teach students the core subjects.

“The takeaway we should have is that we need to make a change, right? In those subjects we got 400 responses, only 25 teachers said let’s stay the course. That’s a big deal,” said school board member Kenya Gibson.

The board also passed a resolution to reject Gov. Youngkin’s proposed transgender policies for students.

The resolution presented by the school district stated, “these actions roll back advancements made to protect transgender students in prior years.”

Youngkin’s new guidelines state:

  • Students must only use bathrooms and locker rooms associated with the sex assigned to them at birth
  • If a student wants to participate in a sport or other extracurricular activities, they must, again, only participate in teams that align with the sex assigned at birth
  • The legal name and sex of a student can’t be changed “even upon the written instruction of a parent or eligible student” without an official legal document or court order
  • And teachers and other school officials can only refer to a student by their pronouns associated with their sex at birth

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