DENVER (KDVR) – Dating in some cities is easier than others. A recent study released the best, and worst, cities to date in.

Online rental platform Zumper released a study looking into the best and worst cities for singles. It weighed data on the single population, one-bedroom rent price, restaurants per capita, non-family median income and other metrics.

Atlanta took the top spot, with Ohio and Florida both boasting multiple cities.

Top cities for singles

  1. Atlanta, Georgia
  2. St. Louis, Missouri
  3. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  4. Boston, Massachusetts
  5. Madison, Wisconsin
  6. Washington, D.C.
  7. Orlando, Florida
  8. Salt Lake City, Utah
  9. Richmond, Virginia
  10. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
  11. Cincinnati, Ohio
  12. Denver, Colorado
  13. Tallahassee, Florida
  14. Charleston, South Carolina
  15. Cleveland, Ohio

Some of the notable categories that went into the overall score and the cities that won them include lowest median 1-bedroom rent (Wichita, Kansas), Largest percentage of singles (New Haven, Connecticut), entertainment options per capita (Gilbert, Arizona), restaurants per capita (Orlando, Florida), highest dating satisfaction (Gilbert, Arizona), lowest cost of living (Oklahoma City), lowest unemployment rate (Boise, Idaho) among others.

Worst cities for singles

  1. Bakersfield, California
  2. Santa Ana, California
  3. Anaheim, California
  4. Fresno, California
  5. Newark, New Jersey
  6. Plano, Texas
  7. Irving, Texas
  8. Wichita, Kansas
  9. El Paso, Texas
  10. Henderson, Nevada
  11. Boise, Idaho
  12. Arlington, Texas
  13. Jersey City, New Jersey
  14. Shreveport, Louisiana
  15. San Antonio, Texas

When it comes to the worst cities to date, there’s bad news for some California singles. The Golden State took the top four spots with Bakersfield leading the way, followed by Santa Ana, Anaheim and Fresno. The study’s author pointed to Bakersfield’s “limited dating satisfaction and entertainment,” and a lack of entertainment options paired with a high cost of living.

“Fresno, California, follows closely, struggling with a lack of entertainment choices and a less than stellar dating scene,” the report found.

Rounding out the top five was Newark, New Jersey, where singles suffer when it comes to cost of living, entertainment and dating satisfaction, according to the report.

Zumper used data from the U.S. Census Bureau, its own rental price data, customer surveys and other sources. See the study for the full details.