RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond ranks high in the top 25 ‘roachiest’ cities in America, according to Pest Gnome.

Pest Gnome — a company that specializes in connecting people to pest exterminators in their area — ranked Richmond at 12 on their list of 25 most roach-infested cities in America. The list was determined using data from the Census, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and climate information. 

According to the list, Richmond also ranked 13 for the number of reported homes with signs of cockroaches in the past 12 months, and 14 for the amount of pest control workers for every 10,000 households.

According to Pest Gnome, cockroaches thrive in hot, humid weather and are unable to survive temperatures maintained below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also able to adapt to temperatures that fall or rise slowly.

Richmond ranked 11 for the historical average of extremely hot days.

To prevent roaches from roaming in your home, Pest Gnome recommends sealing any points of entry, cleaning up any stray crumbs, fixing leaky pipes and using Raid and roach motels. If all else fails, call an exterminator.