RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – A new look at the four teams vying for the City Center Project has been revealed by the City of Richmond.

According to the city, the vision for the project is to create a “mixed-use” area and a dynamic downtown. The 9.4-acre site will require the developer to replace the current coliseum with a hotel, housing, offices, and other ideas.

The Economic Development Authority of the City of Richmond (EDA) and the Greater Richmond Convention Center Authority (GRCCA) have selected four possible teams to compete to redesign the district: Capstone Development, LLC, City Center Gateway Partners, Lincoln Property Company and Richmond Community Development Partners.

Capstone Development, LLC:

Capstone Development, a real estate firm based out of Maryland, is proposing features like streets that will reconnect the venue to surrounding neighborhoods and plenty of green space, including on rooftops.

Capstone is also the developer of the hotel in the Diamond District.

Photos provided by the City of Richmond.

City Center Getaway Partners:

Mixing old with new: City Center Getaway Partners offers an urban park, the Reynolds Community College and multiple hotels to help bring new tourism while attracting long-time Richmonders to the area.

Photos provided by the City of Richmond.

Lincoln Property Company:

Creating a denser neighborhood feeling, the Lincoln Property Company is eyeing the area for a “mixed-use” district. The team plans on showcasing the unity of diverse families in the community.

Lincoln Properties has developed several commercial and residential properties, including the Legacy Union in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Photos provided by the City of Richmond.

Richmond Community Development Partners:

The Richmond Community Development Partners — a finalist for the Diamond District Project — wants to add a Biotech park, socialization areas for VCU healthcare workers and more urban spaces for Richmond residents.

Photos provided by the City of Richmond.

The EDA is working with the GRCCA to select which development partner will lead the project.