RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Richmond Office of Elections has reversed its decision to move two polling locations out of Richmond Public Schools (RPS) buildings due to growing concerns over mold.

The Richmond Office of Elections made the announcement that they would keep Boushall Middle School and Clark Springs Elementary School as polling locations just before a Richmond City Council Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

The office initially announced those polling locations would be moved last week, in response to “unhealthy air quality conditions” that some RPS teachers and parents have been complaining about for weeks.

According to Council President Mike Jones, the council was left in the dark about the original decision to move the polling locations and the members were worried about the confusion it would cause voters.

“What I’m calling for, is for the registrar to communicate with the administration and with counsel and what school board in enough time, so we would move forward and inform all of our residents,” said Jones.

RPS said the Office of Elections did not consult with them before making the decision to move the polling locations. According to the school district, recent mold tests at both schools have confirmed that the buildings are safe for students, staff and voters.

During the Tuesday meeting, City Council officially authorized the use of school facilities for the general election.