RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Seven days after the Richmond Public Schools School Board struck down a proposal for re-zoning River City Middle School, the board voted 8-1 in favor of the final rezoning recommendation.

All school board members except for one, 4th district representative Jonathan Young, voted to approve the revised rezoning plan.

Principal Jacquelyn Murphy-Braxton previously told 8News, that the school is dealing with several issues when it comes to overcrowding. The school reportedly holds about 1,500 people, but was constructed to hold 1,300.

According to Nicole Jones, who represents the 9th district on the school board, it’s a safety issue.

“Parents are calling me. They are afraid to send their child to school,” Jones said in previous 8News reporting.

Approved re-zoning proposal

If rezoning is fully implemented next year, the projected utilization rates of the impacted middle schools are:

  • Binford Middle School – 74%
  • Boushall Middle School – 74%
  • Lucille Brown Middle School – 76%
  • River City Middle School – 78%

The approved recommendation included plans for more than $120,000 of improvements to be made at Binford Middle School summer of 2022 in preparation for the additional students.

The plan states both Brown and Boushall will also receive facility upgrades in order to accommodate the increase in students.

Additionally, the proposal included blueprints for an increased forward push in the hiring of RPS bus drivers.

Bus Operator Recruitment Plan

  • $3,500 signing bonus for new hired CDL-licensed bus operators
  • Host in-person, biweekly hiring events at the Transportation Office on Belt Blvd
  • Provide tutoring for new drivers to pass the CLD
  • Continue online and radio advertising campaign
  • Connect with local nonprofits and churches
  • Increase advertising with assistance from community liaisons