RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Richmond Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of the city about a phone scam in which the caller says the victim missed jury duty and demands money.

According to police, on Wednesday, Jan. 11, a couple came into the Civil Process Office with concerns that they may have been the victims of a scam. They said that they were called by a man who said his name was Lieutenant Cooper from the Richmond City Jury Office.

The caller then said that one of them had missed jury duty and that she had to send $2,500 by a Green Dot Debit Card — a reloadable Visa debit card — or she would be arrested. She purchased the debit cards and mailed them to a PO box given to her by the caller.

The sheriff’s office says phone scams similar to this one are not a new occurrence, but there seems to be an increase in their prevalence in recent months. The Richmond Sheriff’s Office does not call anyone asking for money or personal information such as bank account numbers, nor does any other sheriff’s office.