WASHINGTON, D.C. (WRIC) — Richmond Soundloud rapper Bugzie the Don has been sentenced to five months in prison for breaking into the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, after he used a photo of himself sitting on a Capitol Police vehicle as an album cover.

The rapper, known to prosecutors as Antionne Brodnax, was sentenced to five months after he pleaded guilty to four counts, including entering a restricted building and illegally protesting in a capitol building.

In now-deleted Instagram posts, Brodnax posed on statues in the capitol rotunda. (Images from federal court records)

Federal investigators had little trouble identifying Brodnax, who was featured live on CNN the day of the riot, and made multiple posts to Instagram showing himself posing in restricted areas of the capitol building.

Brodnax’s charges were relatively light compared to some other rioters because, as prosecutors noted in a statement of facts agreed to by Brodnax as part of his plea deal, he didn’t directly clash with Capitol Police, and was instead “swept along with the group.”

Brodnax was only in the capitol building for a little more than hallf an hour, exiting through a side door when other rioters began chanting “break it down” and attempting to breach a police line and barred doorway.

But before he left Capitol Hill altogether, Brodnax stopped to pose for one last photo: himself, sitting on an abandoned SWAT vehicle.

In a sentencing memorandum filed by Brodnax, he asked the court for leniency, saying that a sentence of probation and home confinement would be sufficient punishment. He cited his rough upbringing on Richmond’s southside, where he dropped out after the 8th grade, saying that despite that background, he had committed himself to being a “productive citizen.”

Prosecutors initially asked for two years in prison, but later revised their recommendation downwards, asking for a year in prison and $500 in restitution. They wrote that Brodnax “attempted to profit from the riot by releasing a rap album that used the attack on the Capitol as a theme” and that his criminal history — including prior federal felony convictions — merited incarceration.