RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Richmond City Council has agreed to allow the city to donate the monument of A.P. Hill to the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia.

The monument, the last remaining Confederate statue in the city, is located at the intersection of W. Laburnum Ave. and Hermitage Road. The city passed an ordinance Monday calling for the “respectful disinterment” of the remains of the Confederate general.

One proposal sought to have A.P. Hill’s remains moved to a cemetery in Culpeper, but no plan has been agreed to as of Monday.

City Councilwoman Ann-Frances Lambert, who represents the 3rd District where the monument is located, said the decision would “spark more uncomfortable conversations” and that there will be a transparent process to change the space where A.P. Hill stands.

Richmond began dismantling and removing the pedestals where the statue of General J.E.B. Stuart and Libby Hill Park’s Confederate Soldiers and Sailors stood in February.

The council voted to move the monuments and statues to the Black History Museum, but discussions over what to do over A.P. Hill’s buried remains held up its removal.