RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Patients of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center shouldn’t be shocked when they notice a change to the facility’s name.

The VA announced Thursday morning it has renamed the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center to the Richmond VA Medical Center. The renaming is a part of the Department of Defense’s efforts to remove and rename symbols commemorating Confederate figures.

The change comes after the late Representative Donald McEachin sent a letter to the VA in 2022, requesting the McGuire name removal.

U.S. Senator Mark Warner commended the renaming decision on Twitter Thursday.

“Glad to see the VA move away from the McGuire VA’s Confederate namesake following a push from many, including the great Rep. McEachin,” Warner said in the statement. “Naming decisions should honor the patriotism of our veterans. Looking forward to continuing to push for improvements to veterans’ health care.”

“After considerable discussion and review of the issue, and with the support of local Veterans, community members, leaders, and VA employees, I have decided to rename the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center to the Richmond VA Medical Center,” said VA Secretary Denis McDonough in a statement. “VA will continue to serve all Veterans with dignity and respect, at this facility and every facility.”

While the VA has limited authority to rename its facilities, statute 38 U.S.C. § 531 allows the VA Secretary to change the name of a facility for the geographic area it is located in as long as the previous name wasn’t set forth into law.