RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Supporters and fans of Richmond Wildlife Center can now donate funds to help the organization reopen and get back to running its operations.

The property leased by Richmond Wildlife Center since 2013 was recently sold, resulting in the sudden termination of the nonprofit’s lease in April. Now, Richmonders who wish to help can find more information on the Center’s Facebook page.

The Center said donations will be used toward helping them reopen a temporary location, addressing the Center’s various operational needs and the purchase of property for new headquarters.

“Once we get moved to a temporary location we hope to provide a temporary triage station for area wildlife and will be recruiting transporters. We will provide more details on that as it becomes available in the future,” the Center’s statement on Facebook read. “This cannot be offered until we move to a temporary location. If we can raise the necessary funds quickly we can reopen much faster.”

Credit: Richmond Wildlife Center / Facebook

The Center also wrote in the Facebook statement that they will not be admitting new patients until after they buy a new building to relocate to.

All of the animals under Richmond Wildlife Center’s care have since been transferred to Blue Ridge Wildlife Center, which can be contacted at 540-837-9000 for immediate assistance with animal care.