RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Two people were killed in a six-vehicle crash on Thanksgiving night in Richmond’s Northside. Family has identified one of the victims as 58-year-old Kevin Hancock, a beloved youth football coach.

On Monday night, Richmond Police identified the second victim as Karen Murphy.

The horrific crash shut down the intersection of Chamberlayne Avenue and Brookland Park Boulevard on Thursday night. Just before 8 p.m., Richmond Police say the driver of a white pick-up truck barreled through a red light hitting two cars in the intersection, causing a chain reaction. The collision caused the vehicles to spin out of control and three more cars were hit.

Police say a woman died from her injuries at the scene while another man, with life-threatening injuries, died at the hospital. Family has shared that Kevin Hancock was a passenger in one of the six cars and died as a result of his injuries.

Christopher Lee, one of Hancock’s sons, tells 8News his family is trying to cope with the sudden loss. Lee and his younger brother, Kevin Christian, sat on the front porch of their siblings home on Monday talking about the good times and last moments with their father.

“I had just seen him on a family zoom call earlier,” shared Lee. “We did this thing because of COVID where we all got a zoom link, my cousins and everybody got online. My dad peaked his head in and said alright ‘I’m gone’.”

Lee and Christian were both on that Zoom call and never imagined that the chilling words of ‘I’m gone’ would be the last they heard from their father.

The brothers told 8News that their dad was headed home on Thanksgiving night, traveling in the car with a family-friend and their uncle when they were blindsided. Lee says the family-friend was driving at the time of the crash and is the woman police say died at the scene. He goes on to say his uncle suffered from multiple broken bones and is expected to be released from the hospital in the coming days.

Hancock’s youngest son, Chrisitan said, “I don’t know how to say how I feel right now”.

8News visited the crash site on Monday and there is a growing memorial on the sidewalk near the Walgreens. The memorial is filled with flowers, a cross, and clothing.

Lee said he wants his dad to be remembered for all the good he’s done in the Richmond community.

“The biggest thing about my dad was that he was a legend in the neighborhood he grew up in.”

A legend in the Mosby and Church Hill neighborhoods, where their dad is better known as Coach Hancock. The beloved youth football coach has been mentoring young men on and off the field for more than three decades, winning ten championships.

“He was a father figure for a lot of kids,” explained Lee. “He paid for a lot of the uniforms and equipment out of his own pocket. I’m 37 and he’s been coaching my whole life. He volunteered, never got paid. He had so much love for the neighborhood and for the community.”

Hancock’s sons say they are planning a service to honor their father and will release details in the near future.

8News reached out to RPD multiple times to learn more about the name of the driver who ran the red light and any pending charges, but have not heard back. Both Lee and Christian say they are angry at the careless nature of the crash and want justice, but too have not heard anything from the department about the driver.