RCIHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The City of Richmond’s Department of Public Works has announced that Commerce Road Bridge is closed after an inspection of the bridge over Goodes Creek on Wednesday, May 18, revealed additional deterioration.

The department plans to come up with a solution that would allow the bridge to temporarily reopen before repairs begin in late summer of this year.

In the meantime, recommended detours are as follows:

  • Southbound motorists: Travel from Bellemeade Road to Richmond Highway in order to get to Bells Road.
  • Northbound motorists: Take Bells Road to go to Richmond Highway, and from there head to Bellemeade Road.

For more information, visit the Richmond DPW online or email questions to AskPublicWorks@rva.gov. For updates on DPW-related projects, activities and events, follow the department on Twitter @DPW_RichmondVA.