RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The first 804 Day celebration in Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom area was disrupted by uninvited guests.

Several gnat-like bugs swarmed the event at around 7:30 on Friday, Aug. 4 as attendees were enjoying food, beer and live music. 8News’ creative services director Dixon Johnson, who was at the event, said he noticed around 15 of them on his shirt at one point.

“It was really light at first, so it just felt like ‘Oh, gnats.’ But then they were everywhere, it was more than just [a few] gnats,” said Johnson.

Johnson said the bugs caused him and his wife to make the decision to leave the event early.

“I even saw a couple of vendors, who just couldn’t take, it packing up their tents,” said Johnson. “It was a great festival, so I hope it didn’t, you know, give people too bad of an impression. What can you do about it?”

It appeared the bugs had vacated the area by Saturday morning.