RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — So far, it’s been a hole-in-one.

“It has been a cascade of people coming and having fun, coming multiple times, bringing people,” said Jim Gottier, owner of Richmond’s new attraction ‘Hotel Greene.'”

The business just opened at the end of July.

On the surface, it’s a unique indoor putt-putt course wrapped up in the setting of a 1930’s-era hotel.

“We call it ‘high falutin’ mini-golf’ and it’s just nifty fun,” said Gottier.

But deep down, its an immersive experience — for art lovers and people drawn to a storyline.

“Our words are romance, mystery, and unease,” said Gottier.

“We wanted to create something that looked like either its been here for 100 years or it might be carted away tomorrow.”

The lobby of Hotel Greene is lined with antique-looking carpets, velour couches, and decadent chandeliers.

Some of it was collected from authentic 1930’s decor. But the rest — imagined and created by artists and Hotel Greene’s design team.

The name ‘Hotel Greene’ is related to the spot next door.

Gottier and wife, Andrea Ball, own that business, too: “Greenleaf’s Pool Hall.”

The couple walked past the vacant property on East Franklin street for the past few years and finally decided to take the space under their wing for redevelopment.

Gottier tells 8News the property, located on the backside of the former Hotel John Marshall, resembled a hotel lobby.

He says the concept and storyline evolved from there.

“Our first dates were mini golf and it was indoor,” said Gottier.

“It was at the Santa Cruz boardwalk, so for us it was a natural, ‘well, let’s do indoor mini-golf.'”

The staff says it takes about an hour to venture through this 13-hole course.

“And to drink and eat and have fun,” said Gottier.

Drinks range from local beers to boozy slushies.

Bites range from finger-foods to sandwiches and to sweets.

And on weekends — they also do brunch.

Even with a mature theme, kids are welcome to check out the experience.

“Children are welcome on the weekends but during the week its gonna be for the adults,” said Gottier.  

A round of golf starts at $15 dollars per player.

Gottier says just weeks into their latest business venture — Hotel Green has already had people lining up to play on Friday and Saturday nights.

“We’re just amazed and thrilled at the way Richmond has taken to it,” he said.

Reservations can be made online for weekday tee times, but many of the slots are left open for walk-ins.