Rising rubbish: neighbors concerned over animal-attracting dumpster clutter at Aden Park Townhomes


RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) — It’s been said one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but according to those living at Aden Park Townhomes in Richmond — the mounting dumpster clutter is an eyesore and dangerous to people who live there.

Tossed out mattresses, furniture and junk are piling up just outside ‘Hannah’s’ back porch at Aden Park Townhomes—8News assigned her that name after she feared possible retaliation. 

“It’s a hazard, it’s a problem,” Hannah said.

Now that the rubbish is rising, she said raccoons, rats, cats and even snakes have started hanging around the pile.

Near the townhome of ‘Hannah’

“I don’t deal with snakes, but you know, I saw the slither, the kids started screaming, in the house we went,” Hannah said.

8News found similar sites at multiple dumpsters at two Aden Park Townhomes sites; one near Jahnke Road, another along German School Road.

‘Monique,’ who 8News renamed for the same reason as Hannah, said she has complained but the response stopped short.

“They said due to the COVID, their maintenance man is not allowed to come out unless it’s an emergency,” Monique said.

Richmond City Councilperson Mike Jones (9th District) represents voters who live at Aden Park Townhomes.

Jones told 8News if the city is stepping up to keep streets clean, so should property owners.

“If they rent, if they own, they deserve for their trash to be picked up. Whether it’s by the city or in this case where it’s the responsibility of the actual property manager,” Jones said.

“They’re getting a letter from my office today.”

In that letter, Jones said the conditions on site of Aden Park Townhomes going to address the situation with city codes, and conditions reported on site today “is a violation of the City of Richmond’s Property Maintenance Code, and I will be bringing this to the attention of Code Enforcement to address this situation.”

Code guidelines indicate garbage and rubbish should be properly stored and shouldn’t attract rodents, animals and create potential health hazards. 

An excerpt from the City of Richmond’s Property Maintenance Code guidelines

8News learned after its story aired that property management at two Aden Park sites have until Friday to clean up the mounting furniture and rubbish around multiple dumpsters, according to city code. Michelle Coward, the operations manager at Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Planning and Development Review, shared information regarding inspections at those sites to 8News on May 26:

An inspection was  conducted today at this property.  Management is aware and has already taken steps to clean up the trash.   The complex is serviced by private vender CFS  on Monday and Friday because it was a holiday the trash companies are running  a day behind.  CFS was contacted and the containers in this complex are scheduled to be dumped today 5/26/2020.   CFS does not pick up the furniture and excess trash on the ground around the containers so Aden Park Townhouses have hired a sub-contractor to remove the furniture and excess trash.  Management was advised by the sub-contractor that they could not get to it until tomorrow 5/27/2020.   At this time management  has until Friday 5/29/2020 to have it cleaned up, no notice of violation issued at this time since they were actively working toward compliance.  An a follow-up inspection will be conducted on Friday.”

Michelle Coward


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