RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Public Schools is seeking to buy 10,000 computers for students who need them as the district prepares for the unexpected shift to online education due to the coronavirus.

Superintendent Jason Kamras shared the number of computers Richmond schools is looking to purchase in his online daily newsletter. On Monday, Gov. Ralph Northam directed all Virginia schools to close for the rest of the academic year.

The decision has forced school systems to adapt to online learning in a hurry, prompting a need for students to be able to access computers. RPS plans to send devices they already have in schools to students, and is reviewing its options to buy the additional laptops, including asking for philanthropic support.

“We are in the process of exploring all of our options to obtain additional devices and ensure internet access including but not limited to: enlisting the support of philanthropies and requesting transfers from the School Board to repurpose currently allocated dollars, to purchase additional devices,” RPS spokeswoman Danielle Pierce told 8News in an email.

Richmond schools is asking those who need a computer and/or internet access for a student to complete an online survey.