RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) — The Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority, which oversees the city’s public housing, will be ending its moratorium for non-payment of rent starting tomorrow, Dec. 31, and will resume the eviction process in January.

RRHA Interim Chief Operating Officer Kenyetta Green told VPM evictions will not start Jan 1. Instead, 30-day notices will be sent out in January and then summons for unlawful detainers will be filed “sometime in February” at the earliest.

People who owe less than $50 will not be facing eviction. For those who will still be unable to pay, RRHA is offering three options:

  • Apply for rent relief
  • Enter into a repayment agreement with RRHA
  • Utilize services that can help you get back on track, such as childcare and workforce training

The eviction freeze was initially established in 2019 due to criticism from community advocates over what they viewed to be an excessive number of evictions.