RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Neighbors got a wild surprised Wednesday morning when they stumbled upon a coyote hiding under a car in Carytown.

On March 10, around 7:30 a.m., the Richmond Wildlife Center received a phone call about a fox underneath someone’s car in Carytown. The car was in a busy area, just three feet away from eight apartments, one housing toddlers and small pets, according to Richmond Wildlife Center’s Facebook.

Since the center didn’t have volunteers working that day, they knew it would be later in the evening before they could go out and assist.

The center received more phone calls starting around 4 p.m., from scared and concerned residents saying animal control won’t respond to the calls.

The center then asked residents to send in photos of the animal so that they could either confirm or identify the species.

After looking over the photos, the Richmond Wildlife Center determined the animal wasn’t a fox, but to everyone’s surprise, an adult coyote.

The center caught up with a volunteer later in the evening to evaluate the situation and attempt to help the coyote.

Richmond Animal Care and Control assisted in helping catch and free the coyote by lending a catchpole. Once the team got the coyote from under the car, the Richmond Wildlife Center performed a quick, thorough physical exam. The exam showed no apparent injuries, just the stress and anxiety from all of the traffic and people surrounding her.

The coyote was carried away by Richmond Animal Care and Control and was released back into the wild later that night.

For more information on laws pertaining to coyote’s in Virginia, click here.