RICHMOND, (WRIC) –  Starting today, drivers and pedestrians in Richmond’s Scott’s Addition neighborhood can expect road closures on many streets as crews repave, improve sidewalks and add several raised crosswalks and bike lanes. 

Scott’s Addition is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Richmond, with people out and about all day eating lunch or walking their dogs. Residents and people who work in the neighborhood said the new road improvements will make their day-to-day not only easier, but safer. 

“Even just working here, walking and biking around is a huge thing for many of us,” said Meredith Forbes, who works in the neighborhood. “So we’ll definitely make us safer as we’re going about our day here.”

Forbes has worked at Babylon Micro Farms in Scott’s Addition for three years, and said she often sees cyclists on the road travelling side-by-side with drivers.

“I wish that they had more of a lane to be safer because, you know, it can be a little bit unsafe,” said Forbes.

But come Spring 2024, there will be multiple bike lanes and raised crosswalks on Moore Street, Marshall Street, Norfolk Street and Sheppard Street. 

Trevor Allum, who also works at Babylon Micro Farms, told 8News that the intersection of Roseneath Road and Moore Street is one of the busiest in the area and he is glad a crossing will be installed there. 

“That intersection seems dangerous to me at the moment, especially for pedestrians,” said Allum.

With all the new development that has sprung up around the neighborhood over the last several years, Allum said these new improvements will now be able to accommodate all the foot traffic Scott’s Addition brings in. 

“There’s a ton of traffic, especially for all the bars around here. And there’s a lot of truck traffic because of the recent construction that’s going on everywhere as well,” said Allum.

The $1 million construction project is ramping up today and the city told 8News that drivers can expect alternating road closures through Dec. 15. 

Resident Cameron Fleming walks his dog, Dude, in Scott’s Addition every day. He said he’s preparing for the road closures – but is looking on the bright side. 

“It may bring a little bit of inconvenience, but I think for the overall outcome it will be beneficial to have,” said Fleming.

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