RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC)– Virginia Senator Tim Kaine made a stop at George Wythe High School during his visit to Richmond Wednesday to listen to concerns of students.

Senator Kaine told 8News that he answered questions from students that were different from the normal questions he’s asked in Washington. A majority of students asked about personal concerns and inquired about what will happen next with their school’s renovation.

“It really helps me,” Kaine said. “I am a member of the Education Committee in the Senate Health Education Labor Pension, and I need to know what students are grappling with to do that job well. So, I’m really happy that I was able to do this today.”

Students asked the senator about affordable housing, mental health and whether he believes certain topics should be banned in schools. They also asked about the Black Lives Matter movement, the current international situation in Ukraine and infrastructure.

One student spoke about the current status of the high school stating that it was ‘falling apart.’

“We think that the dollars that we put into the American Rescue Plan for cities and school districts around Virginia provide maybe the biggest possible investment in school infrastructure that the federal government has ever done,” Kaine said.

The Senator said the high school’s renovation is a high priority, as well as finding a temporary location for the Fox Elementary community after a fire destroyed the school earlier this month.

“I wouldn’t want to tell the Wythe families that have been waiting, hey, you’re moving backward in line,” Kaine said. “I would hope that Wythe would not be moved backwards.”

Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Jason Kamras was also in attendance.

Kamras previously told 8News that the rebuilding of Fox will not impact the timeline of George Wythe’s renovation as long as there is enough staff.

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney has requested to transfer more than $7.3 million to Richmond Public Schools to fund the planning and design of George Wythe.

The city council is expected to discuss the issue at their meeting on Monday.