RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A sinkhole is causing some issues at the end of 35th and E. Marshall Streets in Richmond.

A wooden pallet was placed over the sinkhole when 8News crews arrived on the scene early Wednesday morning. 8News Reporter Talya Cunningham measured the sinkhole and found it to be nearly two feet deep. 

8News first heard of the sinkhole on a crime and safety message board, with one woman writing, “Be safe y’all. Don’t fall in.”

It’s unclear how long the sinkhole has been there.  One resident told 8News that it’s a safety concern because many children play in the neighborhood. There’s even a basketball hoop not too far from the sinkhole.  “I’d like to see them come out here and make this sinkhole safe before some kid or someone’s car falls into it completely,” Will Hicks said. “And while they’re at it, fix some of the potholes around the city, but that’s me and every other Richmond resident.” 

Hicks also said his neighbor tried to reach out to the city several times to report the sinkhole. 

“One of my neighbors said that she’s tried three separate times to call the city and she’s got the answering machine every single time and left a voicemail,” Hicks said. “She was telling me this as she was on the phone for the fourth time.”

The Department of Public Utilities is responsible for maintaining the surface condition of streets, sidewalks, and alleys throughout the city. Residents are asked to report issues on their website or by calling 3-1-1.

8News learned that after our Good Morning Richmond report, the city placed a cone over the sinkhole. The city said they have to check the drainage system before the issue can be fixed.  

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