RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A central Virginia family is desperate for answers six months after a tragedy that changed their lives forever.

20-year-old VCU student Cody Woodson was shot and killed in April. This week, Richmond police confirmed that no one has been held accountable — at least not yet.

Woodson’s mother, Angie Wright, and his girlfriend, Clarisse Liclic, told 8News in an interview on Wednesday that they need to know who killed their loved one.

“Me and his family and his friends deserve to know exactly what happened and to see the face of the person,” Liclic said. Woodson’s family is originally from Buckingham county.

He was killed on April 5, while taking out his trash on Gilmer street in Richmond’s Carver neighborhood. A 17-year-old boy was also shot and killed on this same block less than 24 hours before.

After the shootings, police said they had one suspect in custody, but they were never charged. To this day, no one has been charged in either case.

For Wright and Liclic, it has been six long months of missing Cody. “He really was just my best friend,” Liclic said. The couple had been dating for two and a half years. “It’s devastating to say the least,” his mother said.

Liclic said she left Woodon’s house less than ten minutes before he was shot. “He called out to me and said some flirty joke and I got into my car and left,” Liclic told 8News in April. His girlfriend said she “can only assume” Woodson then walked down Gilmer street, like he always did, to the Clay Express Mart corner store for his favorite tea. Minutes later, police say he was approached and shot.

Woodson’s loved ones still believe he was an innocent, random victim on that tragic day. “He was nothing to them but he was everything to me,” Liclic said. “He did no wrong. Cody was a good, good person,” Wright said.

On Wednesday, Richmond police detectives confirmed they’re still investigating what happened. Police would not expand on any additional leads they’ve received or where they’re at in the case.

“They need to find who did it,” Wright said. Back in April, police told 8News a suspect was last seen running west.

“They have an idea but unfortunately the person was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a mask. You can’t get so much off of it because of that,” Woodson’s mother said. Wright said she’s hoping the exposure reminds people of Cody’s greatness — and possibly brings new clues. “I want the word back out there again so people remember him,” she said. “They might know something. Someone might come up, you never know.”

Wright said she’s optimistic they will find and charge who did this someday, adding that all she can do is pray.