RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) — A female sheriff’s deputy was allegedly assaulted by a male inmate 11 days ago, according to sources and an internal report. Meanwhile, the sheriff’s office has not responded to 8News’ repeated requests for comment.

According to the report, Sakeem Jamar Bell assaulted Deputy S. Cole on July 7 inside the Richmond City Justice Center. Sources tell 8News the deputy is female and the extent of her injuries is unconfirmed.

The internal report indicates Bell will be charged with “assaulting any staff or visitor,” after the early evening incident.

One week after the incident, Bell’s own attorney told 8News that he knew nothing about the alleged incident, but Monday, the same attorney said Bell was sent to Central State Hospital, a mental institution.

“No charges as of now but that may be forthcoming,” the attorney said.

One day after the alleged assault, 8News contacted Sheriff Antionette Irving — and a major who has previously handled information requests — for further details into the incident. However, neither official responded to several requests for comment.

The reported incident is not the first inmate assault on a deputy inside the Richmond jail. 8News sat down with former Richmond sheriff’s deputy, James Alexander, last year.

“There was an incident where I got my nose broke,” Alexander said, adding the inmate “swung and hit me right in the nose, and it was fractured. I fell on my back, I was out for about, I don’t know, three weeks.“

And, yet, Alexander said the buck stopped at Irving’s desk.

“I was told that charges could not be filed…” “…She had made some statements before, where in formation, that all charges had to go through her,” Alexander said.

City Councilmember Reva Trammell told 8News she wants an explanation of what happened to Deputy Cole, and how. Trammell said she has requested Irving attend a public safety committee meeting next Tuesday.

The city’s top prosecutor, Colette McEachin, said she is unaware of this incident involving Bell, but added that the sheriff’s office may still be investigating.