RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The historic St. Luke Building in Jackson Ward has been transformed to the St. Luke Legacy Center, a facility to provide community members with a place to get behavioral and mental health services, childcare and help for seniors. The new center is set to officially open on Saturday.

The St. Luke Building, which was built in 1902, once housed the offices of an African American fraternal society called the Independent Order of St. Luke. The office of Maggie L. Walker, a longtime head of the society and the first Black woman to run a bank in the United States, has been preserved in the building.

“My vision is to continue to advance this historic building and fill the needs to push the advancement of minority families in community,” Korinn Y. Carter, CEO of Korinn Y. Carter Enterprises and St. Luke Legacy Center, said in a statement. “My dream is to change the world, and I’m starting with my own community first.”

The St. Luke Legacy Center, with its 3,700-square-foot space, will hold offices for three different organizations: A New Legacy Family Services, Somebody’s to Somebodies Youth Care, and A Renewed Legacy Senior Care.

The center is located at 900 St. James Street.