RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney acknowledged in a private meeting with police last month that he saw nothing criminal in a video showing an officer drive through protesters who were blocking an intersection on Monument Avenue, just days after publicly calling for a criminal investigation into the incident.

On June 13, video taken during a protest on North Allen Avenue and Monument Avenue shows an officer in a marked SUV trying to drive around demonstrators. The officer drives over a grassy median and brakes quickly before slowly moving and then braking again as protesters are around the vehicle.

8News spoke with demonstrators at the scene who claimed that the officer intentionally drove into people and Richmond police said officers were “trapped by protesters.” One protester fell during the incident, the video shows.

“A protester held onto the side of the police vehicle as it attempted to leave,” a police spokesperson said in a statement. “The person then fell backwards over a bicycle as the officers were trying to leave the area again. As the officers drove away, protesters continued to throw more objects at the police SUV.”

The mayor tweeted the next day that he instructed the department to place the officer on administrative leave pending an investigation by Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Colette McEachin, who announced her office was looking into the incident two days later.

“I believe that last night’s incident requires a full investigation,” Stoney wrote. “I have spoke with the Commonwealth’s Attorney and have requested she investigate and expedite this review, along with several other cases from the past two weeks.”

When asked about the status of the investigation, McEachin told 8News Thursday that her office is working on multiple investigations and that her “findings will be released to the public.”

Stoney was slated to introduce William “Jody” Blackwell as Richmond’s interim police chief on June 18 — who was replaced abruptly the next week — when a group of police officers, who were waiting in the lobby, demanded an impromptu meeting with the mayor. Stoney told reporters after the private meeting that he felt it was important to have a conversation with the officers.

During the meeting, which was partially recorded and then leaked by a Virginia Beach attorney, the officers call out Stoney for condemning the officer’s actions on social media.

“I’ve asked for an investigation to see what happened and things can calm down,” Stoney tells the officers in the video clip. “Nothing, I saw nothing criminal.”

The group begins to speak over each other in frustration after the mayor’s response before one officer continues to question Stoney.

“It is what I was told that we were going to be able to release the video, further video, not just the one shot that people on freakin’ Twitter are sending around. That showed that these people were stepping in front of the car,” Stoney is heard saying in the video clip.

When asked about the private meeting during Wednesday’s coronavirus briefing, Stoney said that the footage of the incident, which he believed showed no criminality, still merited an investigation and putting the officer on leave.

“I did call for um, I thought what I saw, merited an investigation by the commonwealth’s attorney and um administrative leave for the officer,” the mayor said. “The footage I saw, as I stated then, was no criminality. However, I recognize that it is the commonwealth’s attorney’s role to determine what is criminal.”

Stoney was then asked if he frequently says one thing in public and another behind closed doors.

“No,” he replied.