RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC)– A family is warning their neighbors after a group of people were caught on a security camera stealing items out of cars in a Richmond neighborhood last week.

According to the Christianson family, they were surprised last week when they woke up to find items missing from their cars on Friday, Sept. 2. They realized what happened when they checked their security camera.

Chuck Christianson told 8News that the security footage revealed three young people were walking into his driveway on Towana Road, which is just off Three Chopt Road in Richmond, overnight. At least two of them were wearing a glove on their right hand. One person is seen near a vehicle, and another opens up the trunk — even while a car is passing by.

According to Christianson, the people in the footage got away with items like cash, gum and jumper cables while Christianson and his family were sleeping.

“It was a little scary to realize that, considering this is a nice neighborhood,” Christianson said. “The thing that really bothered me was the casualness of it. In fact, cars had gone by and they were completely unfazed. That’s unfortunate.”

The family has reached out to the Richmond Police Department, and is also hoping to spread the word to others in the community and to remind neighbors to lock their cars.

“We’re hopeful that the Richmond police will do something about it,” Christianson said. “We felt violated in the sense that if it can happen in this neighborhood, it certainly can happen in any neighborhood, and I think they’re playing a numbers game.”

If you can identify the individuals in the security footage, contact the Richmond Police Department at 804-646-5112.