RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A short drive from Richmond’s second police precinct, a man was killed after his motorcycle collided with a sedan Wednesday. The crash happened at a portion of Hull Street in the Southside; a four-lane road, with little room between the shoulder and the drivers, where people frequently speed.

One local business owner on the high traffic corridor has had enough of the dangerous driving conditions.

“Somebody has to do something and we have to be good citizens,” Sandra Maury told 8News while standing outside her family’s shop at Lightning Auto Collision Center.

Maury and her family work right next to the location of the fatal motorcycle crash, at the top of a short hill on 37th and Hull Streets. Maury said in the three years their business has been there, they have seen many accidents.

“One time we had a car, crashed into one of our cars here,” she said.

An average of 13,000 drivers travel through the area daily, according to the latest data from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The Virginia DMV’s interactive mapping tool shows least 20 crashes have happened near Maury’s business since 2018.

After a man was pronounced dead Wednesday afternoon, Maury said it is, “The first one I’ve seen somebody dead, It’s sad. It’s so sad.”

Sandra Maury speaking with 8News Reporter Ben Dennis (8News)

Just after 4 p.m., Richmond police said a woman driving a sedan collided with that motorcyclist while was making a turn off Hull Street. 

The circumstances leading up to the crash are unknown.

Despite the posted speed of 35 miles per hour, Maury said drivers speed consistently, saying, “We need to educate people, you know, if you’re speeding, get a ticket. Maybe they learn the lesson.“

Helmet at the scene (8News)

City Councilwoman Reva Trammell told 8News she efforted for additional traffic lights along Hull Street several years ago, but one was never installed on Hull and 37th.

It’s unknown if city hall has plans to install any more lights along the corridor, or other traffic mitigation measures.

The identity of the motorcyclist has not been shared, and police have not announced any charges related to the crash.