‘This is no answer to it’: Employee tasked with cleaning up VCU’s campus condemns violent weekend in Richmond


RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia Commonwealth University’s campus was damaged during last night’s violence. But once the chaos is over, who is left to clean up the mess? The answer — Stanley Johnson who works for VCU Facilities Management.

“It’s no fun, but someone’s gotta do it,” Johnson said.

Johnson, who was out since early Monday morning cleaning, told 8News it will take days to get everything cleaned. He has also been cleaning up after all of the riots. Which means he cleans something, it gets messed up and he has to come and clean up again.

  • VCU damage
  • VCU damage
  • VCU damage

“This is a mess and it’s our job–we have to clean it up,” he said.

Johnson also said his work order for the day is to get rid of the graffiti from Broad to Cary Street — which includes cleaning spray paint off of glass, power washing tagged buildings and boarding up broken glass windows.

He said cleaning graffiti off glass isn’t too bad, but getting it off brick and cinder blocks is a lot harder.

“Whew! That is not easy,” Johnson said. “Sometimes we power wash it–all depends on what type of paint it is. Or we might just have to get a wide brush something to scrape it and scrub it until we get it off.”

As long as this keeps up, Johnson will keep cleaning. However, Johnson told 8News he doesn’t get what people are trying to accomplish through vandalism.

“I just don’t understand what they trying to do,” Johnson said. “This is no answer to it. I understand the protest but damaging buildings and people’s homes that ain’t the answer.” 

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