RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — One of the men accused by the Richmond Police Department of plotting an Independence Day mass shooting had a number of court scheduling changes this week.

Julio Alvarado-Dubon’s status conference was initially scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 22, but has been rescheduled to a day earlier due to a routine schedule conflict for some of the parties involved.

Alvarado-Dubon’s trial was also rescheduled, however, a new date has not yet been set. His trial had originally been set for Thursday, Oct. 6

The news comes just days after Alvarado-Dubon’s council filed a motion to suppress evidence. 8News reached out to Alvarado-Dubon’s attorney but is yet to hear back.

Richmond police conducted a search of Alvarado-Dubon’s residence in July, seizing two assault rifles, a semiautomatic pistol and about 200 rounds of ammunition. The other man identified by police in the alleged shooting plot, Rolman Balcarcel-Bavagas, lived with Dubon but was not there that day, according to police.

Balcarcel-Bavagas pleaded guilty to re-entering the United States illegally in August. His firearm-related charges were dropped when the case was taken over by federal prosecutors. Alvarado-Dubon pleaded not guilty to possession of a firearm by an undocumented immigrant and requested a jury trial.

In a motion filed by his attorney on Sept. 12, Alvarado-Dubon’s counsel argues the evidence should be excluded from the case because the search violated his Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Alvarado-Dubon’s evidentiary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 31.