RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — When Matt Geiger, manager of the Richmond health food restaurant Goatocado, came to work last week, he found the door smashed and glass everywhere.

 “I looked around a little bit but it looked like there wasn’t anything taken, so after a little while we just went in and tried to check out the damage,” Geiger said.

According to Geiger, the door was vandalized overnight. He doesn’t know why someone would vandalize the Fan District eatery and has never seen crime like this happen at the restaurant.

“It was completely random. There wasn’t really any reason,” Geiger explained. “We haven’t had any bad interactions with anybody recently.”

Geiger says he’s just glad the broken door has not interfered with business.

“The day it happened we were probably closed for maybe 30 minutes just to get all the glass and everything cleaned up,” Geiger said. “Since we were able to board the door up, we kind of just popped it open and were able to keep going,”

It is not the only restaurant in the area to be vandalized recently. Bamboo Café, which is on the same street as Goatocado, also had its windows broken last week. Café employees told 8News that a man came by and threw a metal pole at the windows shortly after the restaurant opened for the day.

Richmond police said they are currently investigating the incident at Bamboo Café. Goatocado opted not to call the police.

Goatocado plans to replace the door and install security cameras. Bamboo Café says they only plan to replace the windows.