‘U Da Mom’: Richmond couple makes music video celebrating mothers


RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — It can be hard to find the right words to express how much you appreciate someone — so this Mother’s Day a Richmond musician decided to put his feelings in a song.

Celebrating not only his wife, but all moms, Eddie Prendergast, a vocalist in the band Mikrowaves, wrote the song “U Da Mom.” He said this is a common phrase in his household.

“I’ll say ‘I got to do this thing,’ … whether it’s laundry, dishes, something with the kids, and (my wife) is like ‘Oh I already did that,’ and I go ‘Oh you da mom,'” he said.

One night while Eddie was thinking of the phrase and came up with a drum beat, and the song was born.

“We laughed for a long time about the ‘You da mom’ phrase,” said Claire Prendergast, his wife. “(The song) wasn’t a total surprise but it was really sweet and really fun and funny too.”

When he showed Claire the song, the two agreed they should make the video and the project became a collaboration, much like their parenting. Eddie wrote the song and Claire worked on the video. She said they would look over it together while their kids were asleep, and take turns watching the children while the other parent worked.

For the music video, Claire and Eddie reached out to moms they knew asking them to send videos or photos of them having fun. Claire said she wanted to make the mothers the focus of the video because often moms are stuck behind the camera taking photos of the kids, instead of in front of it

“And you can notice all of (the moms) are having fun and letting loose and being a star a little bit, ” Claire said. “I think that’s not always the norm as we go about our lives, making sure everyone else is getting what they need making sure they feel validated and that kind of stuff.”

She said she also wanted to emphasize the joys of motherhood since so often narratives about motherhood seem are about the struggles mom face, like juggling many hats and taking on a lot of household responsibility.

“While all that stuff is definitely true I was happy to bring the aspect of fun and playfulness, which Eddie highlights so beautifully in all of his music,” Claire said.

Eddie said the response to the video has been great, and people have even told him they cried watching it. However, the most rewarding part of this project for Eddie was being able to work on it with his wife.

“Claire is awesome but we do different things,” he said. “I’m a musician and she’s a doula, with babies and everything … but her and I being able to work together has been a lot of fun and very rewarding.”

“It’s been really cool, I think we both have different strengths that we bring to the table and a pretty good communication style where we are able to give and take new ideas and just work together in a good way,” Claire said.

“I just hope it brings people a little joy and a smile in their day and that’s all it was about for me.”

Watch the video here:


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