The number of online shoppers is breaking records this holiday season as many people are avoiding malls. In turn, shipping companies are struggling to keep up with demand.

But not only are companies like UPS overwhelmed with the amount of packages they’re responsible to deliver, some folks in the Richmond are say United States Postal Service delivery problems are back as well.

“I’m waiting for a package now from the post office that’s been sitting in Sandston since thanksgiving and I haven’t gotten it yet,” George Branch said. “I live about five miles from their place. So that’s weird.”

The Henrico man said when he asks USPS what the problem is, “they say it’s the COVID-19. A lot of people are out. So they say it’s kind of hard,” he said.

Branch is patient. “I’ll get it by maybe Easter,” he joked. However, not everyone else is. Nearly two dozen people commented on a Nextdoor neighborhood social media post on Wednesday night and Thursday reporting similar issues around Richmond.” I’ve filed so many complaints I’ve lost count,” one person wrote.

In response to the reported issued, USPS spokesperson issued the following statement:

“The Postal Service recognizes that consistency is paramount to our customers. Without addresses, dates or other pertinent information, it’s a challenge to pinpoint an identifiable problem. That being said, we want customers to be aware we take their concerns seriously and encourage them to contact a postal representative.

To share general concerns, complaints or compliments, customers can call our toll-free number at 800-ASK-USPS (275-8777) at any time or contact us through Twitter @USPSHelp.

Another option we recommend is to sign up for Informed Delivery. It’s a new free feature that enables consumers to preview their mail and manage their packages scheduled to arrive soon.

As some wait for packages, others rush to send theirs out. The holiday shipathon is among us. “It’s cram time now,” Branch said.

If you ordered from some big name retailers, a package may not even get picked up for a while.
The Wall Street Journal reports that UPS is reaching its capacity limits and telling it’s drivers not to pick up from retailers like Nike and GAP.