RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center is seeing a sharp increase in COVID-19 patients while struggling with a blood donation shortage. In order to relieve some of the pressures on the health system, certain non-urgent procedures are going to be delayed.

The hospital system announced on Monday that patients with non-urgent surgeries or procedures requiring a hospital bed or blood donations would be contacted to reschedule their appointments. VCU Medical Center will not be delaying an urgent surgeries. There will also not be delays to cancer, pediatric and transplantation surgeries.

According to VCU Health, the hospital has a very high number of COVID-19 patients. Almost all of these patients have tested positive for the omicron variant. Many of the hospital patients were not vaccinated prior to contracting the virus.

VCU Health is urging members of the community to get vaccinated, including getting a booster shot when eligible. They also ask that everyone, including those with the vaccine, wear their masks. People who believe they may have the virus are asked to get tested for COVID-19 somewhere other than the hospital emergency room.