RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond police announced on Tuesday that they have arrested a man who has been accused of suspicious activity in the Fan neighborhood.

33-year-old John Attia, of Richmond, was arrested on Aug. 23. He has been charged with burglary, according to police.

Last week, the Richmond Police Department released photos from a doorbell camera showing an individual who was suspected of attempting to break into several homes in the area.

Leading up to Attia’s arrest on Tuesday, Richmond and VCU Police had been searching for a suspect. Police confirmed that several different Ring cameras along Cary and Main Streets captured footage of the same man attempting to break in to the homes of female residents.

8News spoke with several VCU students about the incidents shortly before Attia was arrested.

“The only thing anyone can talk about is this man,” senior VCU student Kyle Perry said.

Perry said that while nobody felt safe at the moment, he’s especially worried about female students. He said his own friends have been targeted by the man, who they saw outside their homes.

Senior VCU student Jenna Shelton told 8News a mysterious individual illegally entered her home a couple of weeks ago. After hearing about more young women in the area being targeted by the suspect, she said she believes he is the same individual who entered her home.

“I know all the girls in my sorority have been so scared to go out at night, even just to walk to their car,” Shelton said. “Who’s watching me? Is someone going to follow me? Do they know where I live? I’ve never felt so unsafe I would say.”

Shelton recalled the moment she awoke to a bright light and loud noise just outside her bedroom door. Her roommates weren’t home, but, fortunately, her boyfriend was at the house and suggested the two call the police.

“I was sleeping, it was probably around 4 or 5 in the morning,” Shelton said. “I woke up to someone trying to get in my room.”

A man was caught on camera lurking around Richmond’s Fan neighborhood. Photo courtesy of Richmond Police Department

Shelton later found out a number of other incidents involving the man that happened nearby during the same weekend.

Shelton and her neighbors — many of whom are in the same sorority — used to adorn their patios and exterior windows with their sorority letters and decorations. Now, the women worry that doing so would mark them as a prime target. They’ve since hidden their décor and are keeping their doors locked at all times in fear of the man’s return.

Perry noted how important it is for students to support each other during times like this. He hopes the VCU community will come together after the incidents.

“Everyone’s brought awareness, everyone’s locking their doors. Hopefully, he gets brought to justice sometime soon,” Perry said.