RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia Commonwealth University announced that if VCU Medical Center reaches capacity, they will be caring for non-COVID-19 patients in one of the campus’ residence halls. However, they failed to tell students this was happening.

VCU said they have already started minor modifications at the VCU Honors College dorms to care for “non-COVID-19, low acuity patients.” The residence hall was originally built as a hospital.

We hope that there is no need to use the building for overflow low level acuity patients, but we consider it part of our community service mission to be prepared to help in this time of crisis. There is every intention to return the building to Honors College housing once the crisis has passed.”


Students’ belongings are being “inventoried, boxed, labeled and relocated to storage at no cost to the student.”

Many students expressed their outrage on Twitter after VCU failed to notify students that their belongings would be packaged up and sent to storage.

The university apologized to students, saying that using the dorms for a potential hospital was an emergency decision.

A critical element of our work is communicating this to you. But in our commitment to provide you with the most accurate and complete information about a project with many moving parts, we failed to get this information to you in a timely manner.”


VCU Residential Life and Housing sent students an email saying they would pick up their stuff at Richmond Commercial Services from April 10 to August 1. Students must call first and schedule a pickup time.