RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A victim of a Cary Street hit-and-run says he is lucky to have only received minor burn injuries after another driver — driving in the wrong direction — crashed into him.

Joseph Crews was heading down Cary Street to pick up pizza for his family when he says he saw headlights where brake lights should be coming towards him on a two-lane street.

At around 9 p.m. in Carytown, a red pickup truck turned and pulled off down the wrong side of the road in Carytown. The pickup truck crashed into Crews’ car head-on, before pulling into a nearby parking lot.

A witness at the scene captured the incident on video.

“I was surprised it happened,” Crews told 8News. “I was like I need to get out of the car.”

Crews’ car, a 2012 Honda Civic, was totaled and began emitting smoke as witnesses of the incident rushed to his aid.

“The witnesses were like hey you need to get out of your car,” Crews said. “I had to kind of press my way out of the car. Luckily, I wasn’t trapped in.”

The driver of the pickup truck left the scene and has not yet been located.

“They got away so casually I was able to get the license plate,” Crews said.

According to police, the license plate number, ZDS-7579, is registered to a 1986 Chevy pickup. Though the license and registration details are known, police told 8News that they are still looking for the driver responsible.

Anyone with information on the incident is encouraged to contact the Richmond Police Department.

“[I’m] just grateful to really be able to get home to my family,” Crews said.