RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The city of Richmond is soon to be home to a newly revamped collection of Virginia history, art and culture.

The Virginia Museum of History and Culture reopens to the public Saturday, May 14, after nearly two years and more than $30 million in renovations.

The updated gallery boasts new exhibits, an immersive theatre experience, a new cafe, as well as an updated research library.

In a preview visit, 8News reporter Sierra Krug spoke with Andrew Talkov, the museum’s Senior Director of Curatorial Relations, to learn more about what the community can expect when stepping foot on the new grounds.

“It’s not only objects about the people who we know,” Talkov said. “The collections here and the stories we tell are also very personal stories about people like you and me that we can all relate to.”

Museum management said the expanded museum aims to educate and bring Virginians closer together —  fostering a sense of community where all feel welcomed and represented.

“We want people to see themselves, all Virginians to see themselves in the stories that are being told here.” Talkov added.

A focal point of the museum, an entirely newly conceptualized exhibit called “Our Commonwealth,” showcases the five main regions of Virginia. It gives visitors a walk-through tour of the diversity across the state — highlighting the broad history that separates the different regions — and the shared common spirit that brings them all together.

The grand reopening begins Saturday at 10 a.m. Attendees can purchase food, explore the various new galleries, and the youngest Virginians will have access to a bouncy house and an entire exhibit dedicated to education.