RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A group of six Virginia Commonwealth University roommates are scared to stay in their own home after a man broke into their Fan District home Monday night.

The roommates — who wished to remain anonymous in fear of retaliation from the suspect, who is still on the loose — told 8News that they went to get Slurpees at 7/11 for “Free Slurpee Day” on Monday night, but when they got back to their West Main Street home, they found the door cracked open.

“We came home and it was like slightly open. We made a joke, ‘watch somebody be in here’ and did not think anything of it,” one roommate said.

That joke soon became reality when one of the roommates went upstairs to wash her hands and discovered the intruder.

”She turns the light on in the bathroom to look at it. She saw him behind her in the mirror and she turned around. I heard her screaming bloody murder,” one roommate described. “She’s running down the stairs, skips like ten of them, he’s chasing behind her. Nobody can register what’s happening, it’s happening so fast.”

One of the roommates said that the man then smiled oddly at them before running out the front door.

The Richmond Police Department said officers responded to the home around 11 p.m. By the time officers arrived, the man was nowhere to be found.

The roommates told 8News that this isn’t the first time they have encountered the man. Monday was the second time in three days the unknown man entered their home. On Friday, July 8 the roommates said that the man walked into their home, and when they shouted at him, the man said “wrong house” and left. The roommates said that they did not call the police for the Friday incident.

According to the roommates, they also received a box of sexually explicit gifts not too long ago that none of them ordered. The roommates told 8News that they now have suspicions the items were sent by the man.

One of the roommates said the situation has now made it impossible for them to feel safe at home, especially alone.

“We all are scared to go home right now. We’re staying with our parents until we get security and cameras up and everything,” the roommate said. “We don’t really know if we want to stay there. Our lease is up in August. We’re thinking about moving out, trying to move out, we already re-signed the lease. But as of now none of us are going home for a while.”

Police have told the roommates that whoever the intruder is, he has probably studied their routines and that may be why he has shown up multiple times.

The Richmond Police Department described the suspect as a tall man with an average build, an olive complexion and short dark curly hair, in his late 20s to early 30s. Police said he was wearing a tucked-in shirt and black, thin glasses. Richmond police ask for anyone with information to reach out to Crime Stoppers.