RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Residents of Richmond’s East End are speaking out after another person, this time a teenager, was shot in killed in their neighborhood.

According to the Richmond Police Department, a male victim was found dead with a gunshot wound on North 23rd Street, near Fairfield Court in Richmond’s East End on Wednesday, Oct. 19. Fairfield Court residents told 8News the person who was shot was found in a trash can.

Richmond Public Schools (RPS) superintendent Jason Kamras released a statement confirming that the victim was a 17-year-old RPS student.

“I am only sharing this detail because it has already been widely reported — and because it speaks to the horrific reality that so many of our young people face each day,” Kamras said. “Our city is hurting. Despite the efforts of so many in our community — elders, government leaders, law enforcement, clergy, and more — the lethal pandemic of gun violence is tearing through our city at an alarming rate. Those who survive are left with scars — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational — that will almost certainly never heal.”

8News has reached out to Richmond Police to confirm this information, they said they’re still investigating.

Meanwhile, Fairfield Court residents are saying it’s not the time for talk from the city, but rather for action.

“It’s sickening, because it’s like, where’s the public outcry?” said Treasure Salaam, a mother of four who lives on North 23rd Street. “Violence is a public health issue, but where are the faces? Where are the people? Where are the programs?”

There have been more than 45 homicides in Richmond this year. In September, the city announced that $1.9 million will go towards reducing violence — particularly gun violence — in the community. Salaam said, at this point, she hasn’t heard anything come from this.

“I believe there are good methods that sound good, but if you don’t have dedicated people out there doing the work, that really have passion and love for the community, all those efforts are going to be wasted.”

8News has reached out to Richmond Police to inquire about last month’s announcement and is waiting for a response.