RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Residents in a Manchester neighborhood are worried about their safety, after a string of car break-ins around the city last weekend.

Nancye Hunter said she has experienced break-ins a little too close to home after an incident last month in the River’s Edge apartments parking garage where she lives. Now, she said the crimes are happening again after a multitude of break-ins took place last weekend across her Manchester neighborhood.

“You feel a little violated,” Hunter said.

Richmond Police said car break-ins were reported on Bainbridge Street, Perry Street and other surrounding areas. Police said that while in some cases the thieves didn’t get away with anything from the cars, in others, items were stolen.

Although Hunter has not experienced the violation of a car break-in herself, she felt the need to speak up for her community.

“You’re not safe if your car’s not safe, you’re things aren’t safe,” Hunter said “What are you willing to do next? Are they going to start breaking into the building? How far are they willing to go?”

Hunter posted her experience on the Nextdoor app, saying the break-in at her parking garage shows the thieves seem to be willing to go beyond the cars in the street. The Richmond Police Department has yet to confirm, but in the post, Hunter said the thieves were able to easily access the cars inside of the private garage when the garage door became stuck open.

“Something must’ve got caught. It was, there was a leaf stuck down here. It’s that sensitive,” Hunter said.

While Hunter has never been the victim of a break-in, she said one of her close friends hasn’t been as lucky. She said last month, two masked individuals wearing all black clothing entered the garage and performed the crime.

“A couple of cars got ransacked in here. And they took a firearm,” Hunter said.

Her biggest worry is whether the issue is being addressed given the shortages she said the Richmond Police Department is experiencing.

“Well unfortunately I think the police are just spread too thin. They just have their hands full and right now petty car theft is not at the top of their list,” Hunter said.

Although you can’t prevent someone from breaking your windows or physically breaking into your car, Richmond Police said you can make it harder for thieves by locking your car and activating the car alarm.