CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A new bi-annual race is coming to Metro Richmond Zoo this month.

The Run Wild 5K is a collaboration with Run Wild Races with 100% of the proceeds benefiting animals.

“We’ve been thinking about doing this for a couple of years,” said Metro Richmond Zoo director Jim Andelin.

The first race will will be held on two days, September 19 and 26, and benefit cheetah’s locally and for organizations in Africa.

Metro Richmond Zoo sits on 150 acres and the race will have the following rules:

  • Staff, volunteers and spectators are required to wear masks
  • Start waves spread out every 15 minutes to limit people on the course
  • Pre-race staging areas will be spread out
  • Runners will wear masks except while running

The race will begin on trails surrounding the zoo and runners will get to experience something regular visitors do not.

“They’ll get to see…the cheetah conservation center,” said Andelin. “That’s where we have 40 some cheetah’s out in that area. They’ll be able to run by some of those enclosures.”

A virtual racing option is available for those who would rather run at home.

Runners will also be given free admission to Metro Richmond Zoo.