RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — In the aftermath of disappointing SOL results that showed continued learning loss in Richmond, Mayor Levar Stoney has called on the school board not to fire Superintendent Jason Kamras at an emergency school board meeting tomorrow night.

Statewide data on the Standards of Learning (SOL) test released last week showed a disheartening trend for the city, with scores continuing to decline despite recoveries in most neighboring counties.

Richmond schools bucked the regional trend, seeing continued losses as most localities began to recover from learning losses. (Data from VDOE)

“No one should be surprised that prolonged virtual learning and the trauma of the pandemic would negatively impact academic outcomes,” Stoney tweeted Monday morning.

In the wake of the data release, the school board called for an emergency meeting to discuss the results. Board Chair Dr. Shonda Harris-Muhammed said the meeting would end with a thirty-minute closed session to discuss personnel actions.

“Who and the why of personnel the school board can not disclose,” she wrote.

But the announcement has led to speculation that the board plans to fire Superintendent Kamras — rumors that Stoney responded to directly.

“There’s no cause for an emergency meeting in the first place,” Stoney wrote. “And firing Superintendent Kamras less than a week before the start of the academic year would be catastrophic for our kids and this community.”

Stoney also joined board member Jonathan Young in leveling blame for the poor testing performance on remote learning and the board’s rejection of a proposal for year-round schooling. Stoney called the plan, drafted by Kamras earlier last year, “wisely proposed.”

He also downplayed the results, saying on Twitter that the results were “predicted and predictable,” and adding that they “mirror national and statewide trends.”

But that doesn’t fit with the overall trends reported by the Virginia Department of Education. In fact, Richmond was a regional outlier, doing better than most of the state in 2020-2021, but seeing a continued slide this year even as other localities saw a recovery in their pass rates.